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  • Knife VERDURA - cod. 2002

    Knife with short and slightly curved blade. It allows the cleaning of vegetables and the peeling of some vegetables. The blade must cut without having to apply pressure. The blade may not even be curved but straight, but the preference falls for years on the curved one. This is the VEG knife.
  • Knife SPELUCCHINO - cod. 2003

    In the kitchen knife category, the PARING KNIFE represents a knife in its own right. It is a "joker" tool used by both the professional and the housewife. The particular shape of the blade allows processing
  • Knife PANE - cod. 2012

    Slicing bread precisely and serving beautiful slices is a daily action. In addition, cakes, casseroles, roulades and other savory or cheesy preparations require a precise cut without having to pressurize the food, and this blade facilitates cutting.The tip is not needed and the blade must be wavy so as to incise the crust slowly without breaking it.
  • ACCIAINO - cod. 2009

    Special accessory for sharpening knives with small / medium length blade. Handle in non-slip material. Sharpening the edges of the blade before each use is needed to prolong the life of the knives.
  • FALCETTA - cod. 2000

    Butcher knives have large and heavy but also very sharp blades. They are also generally used as chippings, but they are also very useful for cutting meat slices and pieces.