Throughout Italy, the name "Marietti" ''Marietti'' means just one thing - ''knives''.   Straight pocket knives and arcuate blades as well, treasured and carried for generations by both our farmers and especially our fruit growers.

The Company was founded in 1860, when, by channeling the waters of the Viana torrent and adding wheels and turbines, the founder had the motive force required to start the first knives production.

That same year also saw the first sales of knives, including multiple use blades. Pocket knives remained our mainstay for decades, but by no means our only product. Mariettiwas also producing scissors, pruning shears and even cutting tools for cobblers. Marietti remained a family run business for almost a century. After the Second World War Marietti became a limited company.  There followed a restructuring of production and streamlining of the product range itself, eventually enabling Marietti enabling Marietti to earn its place as one of Europe''s leading knife and kitchenware manufacturers

In recent years the Marietti Company has benefitted from fresh input by its present managerial team and its shareholding structure has changed considerably. From this solid foundation, modern management and in-depth knowledge of the local market, it still continues to maintain a watchful eye on worldwide competition .

Marietti Coltelleria is the sole owner of the brand MAROB (marchio registrato). The MAROB branded items are designed, produced and distributed exclusively by Marietti.