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    The type of serrated blade is preferable for CITRUS, TOMATOES and hard and filamentous parts of animals

    Available colours:

  • Knife PIEMONTESE - cod. TP0x

    Traditional knife with folding blade and safety mechanism. Genuine olive wood handle since 1860

    Available in versions:
    cod. TP08UL lama cm 8
    cod. TP09UL lama cm 9

  • CUCCHIAIO - cod. 900TR

    6-piece blister with spoons with riveted wooden handle

  • UTILITY SMOOTH - cod. 20K

    8.5 Cm smooth blade pointed table knife, available in:
    Blister of 6 pcs.
    Blister 12 pcs.
    Frame 12 pcs.
    Available colors:


    A short and handy blade, slightly curved. It allows processing outside the cutting board such as the cleaning of large vegetables, the making of small decorations and the peeling of some vegetables. A good paring knife will really serve every day and it is necessary that it is comfortable and very well sharpened. The blade will have to cut without the need to apply pressure, because if you press it it will end up cutting your fingertips sooner or later. The blade may not even be curved but straight, but the preference falls for years on the curved one. This is also the peeler called VEG.
  • Knife BISTECCA - cod. 713

    It is the type of knife required for all red and white meats: especially steaks, chops, ribs and chops. Razor-sharp blades with teeth designed to crush the slices without damaging them.

  • Knife VERDURA - cod. 2002

    Knife with short and slightly curved blade. It allows the cleaning of vegetables and the peeling of some vegetables. The blade must cut without having to apply pressure. The blade may not even be curved but straight, but the preference falls for years on the curved one. This is the VEG knife.
  • copy of Knife TAVOLA...

    The type of serrated blade with rounded tip is suitable for everyday use on the table, allowing any food to be cut correctly.


    In the kitchen knife category, the PARING KNIFE represents a knife in its own right. It is a "joker" tool used by both the professional and the housewife. The particular shape of the blade allows processing
  • copy of Knife CUCINA -...

    Together with the knife for vegetables it is probably the most used, as it can be used on a wide variety of foods and for a long series of operations. For example, it is able to chop, chop, reduce into cubes and slice meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Knife TAVOLA DENTATA - cod....

    Suitable for bread, desserts, and all foods in general with the exception of grilled meat and griddle.
    Available colors: