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  • Blade length: 16 Cm
  • Knife CUCINA - cod. 2006

    Together with the knife for vegetables it is probably the most used, as it can be used on a wide variety of foods and for a long series of operations. For example, it is able to chop, chop, reduce into cubes and slice meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Knife DISOSSO - cod. 2013

    In the kitchen we often find ourselves working cuts of meat of different sizes and we need to separate the bones from the meat. DEBONING knives cater to this need: they can have a STRAIGHT or slightly CURVED blade to absorb the different types of cuts and shapes of the animals, making the preparation of the meat easier.
  • Knife SANTOKU - cod. 2016

    The Santoku knife represents the Japanese equivalent of the European chef's knife (CHEF KNIFE). Characteristic Japanese knife used to cut and chop vegetables. For this operation - in fact - Western cooks use the knife called CHEF KNIFE The big difference between the two blades is that the carving knife is designed so that the tip always remains in contact with the cutting board, while the Santoku is used as a small cleaver and the tip always comes off the cutting board.