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  • Knife CUCINA - cod. 132A

    Together with the knife for vegetables it is probably the most used, as it can be used on a wide variety of foods and for a long series of operations. For example, it is able to chop, chop, reduce into cubes and slice meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Knife DISOSSO - cod. 135A

    In the kitchen we often find ourselves working cuts of meat of different sizes and we need to separate the bones from the meat. DEBONING knives cater to this need: they can have a STRAIGHT or slightly CURVED blade to absorb the different types of cuts and shapes of the animals, making the preparation of the meat easier.
  • Knife PANE - cod. 143A

    Slicing bread precisely and serving beautiful slices is a daily action. In addition, cakes, casseroles, roulades and other savory or cheesy preparations require a precise cut without having to pressurize the food, and this blade facilitates cutting.The tip is not needed and the blade must be wavy so as to incise the crust slowly without breaking it.
  • Knife ARROSTO - cod. 152A

    They are knives with a blade geometry designed to offer the least resistance when cutting the food. SPINE and EDGE of the blade, generally "run" in parallel way just for this reason. Extremely sharp and with a tip pointing upwards to facilitate cutting the slices. Blade length between 20 and 30 centimeters.

    Type of blade fundamental for slicing salami, hams and smoked salmon (in this case the blade is alveolar). Characterized by a long blade that minimizes cut resistance, facilitating the progression and maintenance of the thin thickness required for these foods. Also available flexible.
  • Knife SALUMI - cod. 162A

    Very important for slicing meats and hams and salmon if it has a blistered blade. They have a long (possibly hollow) and very flexible blade.
  • Knife PASTA - cod. 172A

    The type of knives with SMOOTH blades table are suitable for fruit, vegetables and fish (cooked or raw). Sharp and flexible, together with the fork they are a true ally of the palate
  • Knife FORCHETTONE - cod. 193A

    Carving fork. Suitable for taking or turning meat (ex: roasts, boiled meat, grilled meat). The experts use it to test the degree of internal cooking of the meat.
  • Knife SURGELATI - cod. 195A

    Knife with double serration: on the back and on the classic thread. Designed and developed to allow you to cut foods that are still frozen with "saw" movements
  • ACCIAINO - cod. 202A

    Special accessory for sharpening knives with small / medium length blade. Handle in non-slip material. Sharpening the edges of the blade before each use is needed to prolong the life of the knives.

  • Knife FALCETTA - cod. 197A

    Butcher knives have large and heavy but also very sharp blades. They are also generally used as chippings, but they are also very useful for cutting meat slices and pieces.