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  • Knife SALUMI - cod. 162A

    Very important for slicing meats and hams and salmon if it has a blistered blade. They have a long (possibly hollow) and very flexible blade.
  • Knife PASTA - cod. 172A

    The type of knives with SMOOTH blades table are suitable for fruit, vegetables and fish (cooked or raw). Sharp and flexible, together with the fork they are a true ally of the palate
  • Knife FORCHETTONE - cod. 193A

    Carving fork. Suitable for taking or turning meat (ex: roasts, boiled meat, grilled meat). The experts use it to test the degree of internal cooking of the meat.
  • Knife SURGELATI - cod. 195A

    Knife with double serration: on the back and on the classic thread. Designed and developed to allow you to cut foods that are still frozen with "saw" movements
  • ACCIAINO - cod. 202A

    Special accessory for sharpening knives with small / medium length blade. Handle in non-slip material. Sharpening the edges of the blade before each use is needed to prolong the life of the knives.

  • Knife FALCETTA - cod. 197A

    Butcher knives have large and heavy but also very sharp blades. They are also generally used as chippings, but they are also very useful for cutting meat slices and pieces.

  • Blister TAVOLA RIVETTATA -...

    Suitable for bread, desserts, and all foods in general with the exception of grilled meat and griddle

    It is the type of knife required for all red and white meats: especially steaks, chops, ribs and chops. Razor-sharp blades with teeth designed to crush the slices without damaging them.

  • Blister PIZZA - cod. 122PZ

    Special knife for handle and blade shape to allow pizza to be cut and portioned.


    Tapered steak knife with 11 Cm micro-serrated blade, available in:
    Blister da 6 pz.
    Card 12 pcs.
    Available colors: