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  • Category: SLICER
  • Knife ARROSTO 26 SLC26

    They are knives with a blade geometry designed to offer the least resistance when cutting the food. SPINE and EDGE of the blade, generally "run" in parallel way just for this reason. Extremely sharp and with a tip pointing upwards to facilitate cutting the slices. Blade length between 20 and 30 centimeters.
  • Knife AFFETTARE 32 BTW32

    Very important for slicing meats and hams and salmon if it has a blistered blade. They have a long (possibly hollow) and very flexible blade.
  • Knife PROSCIUTTO 31 HAM31

    Essential for slicing cured meats, hams and smoked salmon if fitted with a blistered blade. Characterized by a long blade that minimizes cut resistance, facilitating the progression and maintenance of the thin thickness required for these foods. Also available flexible.