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Professionale HO.RE.CA

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  • Blade length: 31 Cm
  • Knife FRANCESE 31 BUT31

    Knife with a large and heavy blade, generally having a length between 15 and 30 cm with a specific curvature - near the tip - that allows precise cuts to be obtained. Used to cut all types of red meat.
  • Knife PANE 31 BRD31

    Slicing bread precisely and serving beautiful slices is a daily action. In addition, cakes, casseroles, roulades and other savory or cheesy preparations require a precise cut without having to pressurize the food, and this blade facilitates cutting.The tip is not needed and the blade must be wavy so as to incise the crust slowly without breaking it.
  • Knife PROSCIUTTO 31 HAM31

    Essential for slicing cured meats, hams and smoked salmon if fitted with a blistered blade. Characterized by a long blade that minimizes cut resistance, facilitating the progression and maintenance of the thin thickness required for these foods. Also available flexible.